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Foshan Kandy (kindly) care products Co. Ltd. is part of Foshan City three state Paper Products Co Ltd (subsidiary), Kandy (kindly) is the three state enterprises to set up a separate one for nursing homes, hospitals, nursing home production and sales of factory. The main products are medical care pad, incontinence pad for the elderly, mother and baby overflow pad, adult incontinence pants, adult diapers.
Kandy (kindly) nursing supplies Co., Ltd. is mainly for Chinese and foreign medical institutions OEM nursing products, in 2017 also has its own nursing brand.
Kandy (Kindly) care is a registered medical device production license and product record manufacturer. The quality and product requirements are very strict, almost all the production equipment is fully automated production, there is a stain detector, metal detector online detection. Ensure the safety of products entering the market.